Purchase the book

You can order the book from Balboa Press and at most digital bookstores. There are several options: e-book ($3.99), soft cover ($11.99) and hard cover ($28.95).

The purchase of the e-book from  EU countries is not authorised at Balboa Press. Please use other digital bookstores such as Amazon.

📣 We have some great news to share! 📣

“What Makes us Human?” has now been translated to Thai!

More information right here ⤵️⤵️


Furthermore, for direct sales please contact Jean-Louis. The book costs 10eur in Europe.

We hope to see the story of our shared dream spreading everywhere. For that reason, we encourage readers, who are financially secured to take part of “Buy One, Give One Away” actions. You could purchase the book for another person, who is also part of the story or would be inspired by it, yet cannot afford to buy it him/herself.

Envie de lire le livre en français? Informez-vous ici: http://www.questcequinousrendhumains.com/.

Quieren leer el libro en español? Hagan click a continuación: http://www.queesloquenoshacehumanos.com/.

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