Let’s Reconnect!

See how SALT works its magic in Uganda. The participants share their experiences of the Global Learning Festival:

You can also connect with us on Facebook and we are sharing a Twitter account with The Constellation.

Moreover, our wonderful nose to nose pictures are created by Jan Somers who welcomes you on Facebook‘s United Noses for Wisdom and Peace platform.

Let’s reconnect worldwide to further co-create the story of our shared dream. If you would like to have more information about the book launches, please take a look here.

Olivia demonstrates the emotions during the Kenyan launch:

#letsreconnect events 2017

Location Date
Paris 10/01/17
Brussels 16/01/17
Geneva 23/01/17
Nairobi 06/02/17
Kampala 13/02/17
Kigali 20/02/17
Mauritius 27/02/17
Chennai 06/03/17
Bangalore 13/03/17
Kochi 20/03/17
Delhi 27/03/17
Seattle 01/05/17
New York 15/05/17
Washington 08/05/17
London June
Dimapur 06/11/17
Singapore 14/11/17
Bangkok 19/11/17
Manila 20/11/17
Bangkok 27/11/17
Chiang Mai 29/11/17

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