One Step at a Time

Photo 03-12-2017, 05 52 43Take a minute and imagine what does your abundance look like?

Last year I met Mon – a Thai man whose smile makes the world a little better. At least my world. I find words often redundant or constraining when a real connection is in the air. Well, I had the right mindset, because me and Mon did not share a single understandable word with each other. Yet, while we visited his house with a common friend, he offered to take us to the mountains the next day. And so started an adventure I could write about days and days.


But today I wanted to write about connections. How do I connect with others.. When a connection happens without words, then I can’t base our relation on similarities like views, experiences, interests. Obviously, audition is not our only sense through which we can connect. But for me, more interesting “phenomena” is related to none of those previous channels. What I discovered later was that I didn’t even try to actually “make sense” of Mon. We can never figure each other out. Instead I just focused on this beautiful mountain road. I was perfectly engaged in the present moment without processing it much. I feel that during these moments something magical happens. We are throwing out the trash. Trash being whatever keeps our mind occupied from what’s really there – this moment. Therefore, if I can connect with a moment, I can connect with everything and everybody this moment brings. And the richness I get from that makes me happy.


My grateful greetings to JL and Mon, for taking me to this journey.

Now, what do you think? Is this SALT that I experienced?


One thought on “One Step at a Time

  1. Splendid, Attractive, Lovable And Transcending…. And Inspiring at least for me here in Holland. Could it be more SALTi???


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