Just Love


Dear Friends of the Constellation,

As certain as every morning’s sunrise

is our capacity to Love.

When Love knocks on our door,

are we letting it in?

Are we taking enough care of ourselves

to let Love work through us?

Over 2018, let us further explore how SALT enables Love in Action.

Happy 2018!



Chers Amis de la Constellation, 

Aussi certaine que le lever du soleil chaque matin

est notre capacité d’aimer.

Quand l’Amour frappe à notre porte

le laissons-nous entrer?

Prenons-nous suffisamment soin de nous

pour permettre à l’Amour d’oeuvrer à travers nous?

Explorons en 2018 comment SALT permet de traduire l’Amour en actes.

Bonne Année 2018

4 thoughts on “Just Love

  1. i prefer to say about the norms of acceptance of what we conder with the developed behavioural instinct as per our homely teaching influenced by religious and social beliefs that makes us certain kind of human. If we look in to the depth of each and every religious society the concept of humanity is seen to be different from each other. i think with my individual insight to this question about “what makes us human” straight forward without considering any barrier that religious and social belief influence. Religions are ways of life within certain boundaries only. When a man comes out of all fabricated fixed religious beliefs then only it is possible to know what is the purpose of life. Life is more precious than highest valuable diamond of the world where diamond can be bought but life can’t. Life is a highest gift of the Supreme soul, so life is universal. Love is thatched in soul just needs to cultivate with proper universal human education. Universal human education teaches beyond all boundaries which is highest practical that is out of range of understanding for too much orthodox people. Life must be of love at first because that is taught by mother from babyhood. What is the essence of humanity if that is known with true heart and true conscience having regard to love, sacrifice, wellbeing and welfare, i think that can make us true human. By the way i have mentioned about Universal human education here because i personally believe that until or unless the size of the Universe, though known to be infinity, is known with a certain degree of better understanding, Universal human education becomes incomplete. If the size of the whole Universe is known then an answer to the question about how much we are here on the earth will be clear including our beliefs if compared. Thereafter, an answer without asking any question will evolve automatically that the creator Supreme being is much more bigger than the whole total Universe who created that. Now, i am human, researching, computing, calculating……… Simply, the Whole total Universe was created with love, for love, to love and being in love, that makes us true human. Without love humanity is a dust bin.
    B.L. Devnath


    1. “Simply, the Whole total Universe was created with love, for love, to love and being in love, that makes us true human. Without love humanity is a dust bin”.
      Thank you so much for your reflections. May I go a step further and propose: “Without Love, humanity would not exist”. What do you think?


      1. You are welcome. Human lives for love only where meaning, feeling and definition are different for different people. For some people hate is love also. Some one loves to kill and some one loves to give life. Am i wrong? i see the world from my own angle and try to judge my feelings with verage standard always. Thanks again.


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