Cycling to support

The Bike Tour, organized by Doctors of the World Belgium, is coming soon! From 21st to 23rd September I will again take up the challenge, this time to connect the 340km from Kortrijk to London via Calais. In our “2gether4vision” group we will pedal with a blind friend, a way to remind ourselves that together we can live our dream of a full and happy life.


We will cycle to support Doctors of the World, one of the few voices that still supports migrants in their quest for a dignified life. During these three days, we will remind ourselves that many migrants died because they wanted to join their family or simply to pursue their dream. It will be our way to say no to the unworthy measures taken by European governments, which are so quick to denounce human rights violations when it comes to others!

Faced with this situation, our three days’ trip seems very derisory. But at least we express our support to our fellow human beings, who like us, just follow their dream. In “What makes us human?” I recount how Fatou, a Malian immigration officer paid from her own money my visa to her country. I also tell how Hakim, the dean of the Faculty of Biology of the Hassan II University in Casablanca, proposes to write a universal declaration on the right to dream. This is my way to say thank you to all of the immigration officers in Africa and Asia, who welcomed me with grace, and to support those, who just follow their purpose in life. Please send your support via this link or to the account BE26 0000 0000 2929 Médecins du Monde mentioning “Bike Tour 2017 2gether4vision JLL”. Please help me to exceed the minimum contribution of 1000 € per rider.

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